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What's the Difference Between SL & TLO?

What does "SL" Stand for?

“SL” — Super Light.

For our wheels, seatposts and handlebars we use T800 quality fibres for this line of products, whereas other manufacturer’s carbon fibre parts usually make do with anything from T300 to T700. In addition to that we know how to build carbon fibre parts, these two factors combined lead to the combination of low weights and reliability we stand for.

What Does “TLO” Stand For?

“TLO” — The Lightest One.

For this line of wheels, seatposts and handlebars we simply use the best money can buy, that’s T1000 fibres. Their tensile strength is yet another 16% higher than that of the T800. In addition to that our TLO laminates use yet a more difficult layer structure. The combination results in numerous world record weights; lighter still than the SL without compromising either reliability or stiffness.